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Quirky And Offbeat Portraits Of Faces Pasted With Magazine Features

Quirky And Offbeat Portraits ...

France-based photographers Metra Bruno and Laurence Jeason are work partners who have created intriguing ... Publishing date: Monday 29, April 2013
2013 Spark Design Awards

2013 Spark Design Awards ...

The key takeaway: the Call For Entries have been issued and all six Spark competitions are now open for ... Publishing date: Tuesday 30, April 2013
Magdalena Festival

Magdalena Festival

She's a young, freaky, intelligent chick who just turned 15. Very mature for her age, but not a bit old-fashioned. ... Publishing date: Wednesday 17, April 2013
Etel Magazine

Etel Magazine

This is a young mag that presents numerous artist interviews. It covers art, design, literature, architecture, ... Publishing date: Monday 06, April 2009
Interview with: Emina Huskić

Interview with: Emina ...

We asked. She answered. Read an interview with Emina Huskić. Graphic designer from Bosnia Publishing date: Saturday 11, December 2010
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Brainstorming magazine | Final Issue | 2012

Brainstorming magazine ...

Here is the Final Issue of Brainstorming magazine in 2012 which is also the last issue of this project ... Publishing date: Friday 06, January 2012
LATEST ISSUE - Download it!
Final Issue | 2012
Here is the Final Issue of Brainstorming magazine in 2012 and it is now available for download. Please leave us a comment what you think about our Final Issue.
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