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About us

Welcome to Brainstorming, Inspirational Art and Design served daily.

Brainstorming is the successful monthly spin-off of DDS “Idea is all”.

Each issue gives you an in-depth guide to a different creative subject, and future issues will covere themes such as print design, web design, Photoshop, typography, packaging, creative advertising, and how to start your own design business. Inside every edition, you’ll find great step-by-step tutorials and tips from the best digital artists in the business, showcases and profiles of up-and-coming talent and established creatives, as well as explorative features on the subject in hand.

Brainstorming is a breed of website that hopes to deliver the latest and freshest art and design straight to you with no frills and no hassle. The concept behind this website is to help support the vast and ever growing number of Designers and Artists that reside here on the World Wide Web.

By creating a user friendly and regularly updated portal we hope that our efforts will help the many talented people out there get some well deserved recognition for their hard work.

We do not in any way take credit for the artwork and designs that appears on our site. We do not seek to profit or gain recognition for others people work - we are simply a medium for communicating an artist directory in a visual form.

This website is not designed to be used as a portfolio for artists or any person seeking free image hosting. All images submitted are moderated for quality and content as well as checked for any infringing copyright issues.

We encourage user submitted content and believe that the original artist retains the right to request their artwork removed at any time for any reason they deem sufficient.

So please feel free to Browse, Rate and Visit our ever growing collection of art and the Artists and Designers behind the amazing creations you see.

the paint club
Thanks to our partners and sponsors

Thanks to our partners and sponsors

Third national competition The Paint Club is complete

Third national competition The Paint Club ...

On Saturday 17:08. as part of Mucha Lucha, Brainstorming ...
Saturday 17.08.: THE PAINT CLUB BiH

Saturday 17.08.: THE PAINT CLUB BiH

LATEST ISSUE - Download it!
Final Issue | 2012
Here is the Final Issue of Brainstorming magazine in 2012 and it is now available for download. Please leave us a comment what you think about our Final Issue.
Mamina Kuhinja