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Bananaz In Space

Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Thursday 25, April 2013
Bananaz In Space

TripleClaim Game Collective is nominated in indie crash e3 competition to go to E3. We need your vote to help us win and go to E3 so if you can spare some time please vote for us on this link!

The TripleClaim Game Collective proudly presents its first independent arcade inspired game for Android, iOS and other popular gaming platforms. Bananaz in Space is an original concept that we like to call teaser game, sort of a prequel to our J. D. Zetz the Banana Conspiracy, a game which is currently in production by our small but effective and hardworking team.

Set in a fantasy dream of one of our monkey characters from the upcoming Banana Conspiracy it pulls you in a colourful and fun world of apes obsessed with space travel and of course… bananas.

Who are We

Bananaz in Space is a labour of love by a group of young game enthusiasts from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina gathered under the name TripleClaim Game Collecitve.

Produced with little to no budget it combines DIY mentality with diverse professional team skills. We are strongly based on open source software /Bleneder, Gimp/ as a core of our pipeline with a little touch of the one that is providing the best game architecture today /Unity/.

Our small team is trained in various skills spanning from animation, programing, graphic design, 3D modeling, motion graphics and films, architecture, comic & illustration, sound design & music.

Our passion is in the belief in the power of good independent entertainment.

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