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Pixar Parodies College Recruitment Ads

Pixar Parodies College ...

This is delightful: a campaign by Pixar for its upcoming film Monsters University that spoofs those wonderfully ... Publishing date: Wednesday 23, January 2013
Brainstorming - BrainBox Calender 2013

Brainstorming - BrainBox ...

Dear friends, colleagues, Brainstorming wish you all the best in 2013. A lot of new ideas. Here ... Publishing date: Thursday 13, December 2012
Conferencias Publicitarias Looking for Advice

Conferencias Publicitarias ...

Conferencias Publicitarias is an independent community with over 8000 members, bringing together people ... Publishing date: Tuesday 07, August 2012
40 Impressive Ad Agencies Website Designs for Inspiration

40 Impressive Ad Agencies ...

Suppose you are a freelance writer and you have started a blog to showcase your writing and get clients ... Publishing date: Wednesday 18, July 2012
V Energy Drink: The V Motion Project Can’t Help Myself

V Energy Drink: The V ...

By hacking Kinect motion tracking software and combining it with audio production software, the V Motion ... Publishing date: Wednesday 18, July 2012
Interactive Christmas with W+K, HOST and IdeaWorks

Interactive Christmas ...

This Christmas the theme among agencies seems to be connecting the physical with the virtual. Have a ... Publishing date: Wednesday 21, December 2011
Reebok CrossFit: 3D Street Art

Reebok CrossFit: 3D Street ...

Today Reebok CrossFit, a revolutionary strength and conditioning programme, teamed up with artists 3D ... Publishing date: Tuesday 22, November 2011
The Student Corner: The Ultimate Hitch Cookbook

The Student Corner: The ...

Felix Meyer, Pascal Monaco, Torsten Strer are the brilliant minds behind “The Ultimate Hitch Cookbook”, ... Publishing date: Monday 11, July 2011
John Jay (WK) talks creativity with Fastcompany

John Jay (WK) talks creativity ...

Thanks to Fast Company for sharing an inspiring video interview with John Jay, global executive creative ... Publishing date: Tuesday 24, May 2011
Adidas France: 3D Projection Mapping

Adidas France: 3D Projection ...

So here is a little eye candy for you, and while I’m certain this type of 3D projection mapping installation ... Publishing date: Monday 28, March 2011
Aquafresh: Bunny, Snake, Gingerbread

Aquafresh: Bunny, Snake, ...

The objective was to increase awareness to children’s dental care by executing serious of ads for Aquafresh ... Publishing date: Friday 18, February 2011
Order of Malta: The Toughest Health Nut, The Oldest Vegetarian

Order of Malta: The Toughest ...

Some creative ads Publishing date: Tuesday 18, January 2011
Philips Steam & Go: Glasses

Philips Stea

Some creative ads Publishing date: Monday 17, January 2011
Viagra Wood

Viagra Wood

Pfizer’s “Wood” print advertising campaign from Finland has won a trophy at the 2010 Cresta Awards, ... Publishing date: Saturday 20, November 2010
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