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Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Thursday 22, August 2013

Artist Name: Hugo “DHM” Mulder
Website: www.hugomulder.com
Location: Amsterdam / NL
Hugo Mulder (’72) aka DHM is a graphic designer, street artist and painter from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He started doing graffiti in ’84 – graphic design in ’90 – and back to the streets with stickers, past-ups and mural painting in 2001. 
As a senior graphic designer he worked for clients like Nike, adidas, O’Neill and Coke and runs his own studio for the last 15 years. 
His street art stickers and past ups are a series of animals all drawn in his well known black and white tattoo style. Next to that he creates handpainted canvases showing the timeless unity between word and image.
His paintings often were a combination of American-flavoured typography, abstract painting and perfect lines. The last 2,5 years he is mostly focussing on the female body shape in a new line driven abstract figurative style.

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