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Gauloises Art Competion

Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Wednesday 27, October 2010
Gauloises Art Competion

Owl has extremely well-developed senses of sight and hearing, and is the only bird that can see the color blue. Owl has excellent eyesight, which is as just as good in the daylight as it is in the darkness. An owl's eyes are large in order to improve their efficiency, especially under low light conditions. In fact, the eyes are so well developed, that they are not eye balls as such, but elongated tubes. For this reason, an owl cannot "roll" or move its eyes - that is, it can only look straight ahead! The owl more than makes up for this by being able to turn its head through a range of 360 degrees measured from a forward facing position.


free spirit, non-conformism, personal power, spontaneity, joy of live, understanding, acceptance of the others, flexible attitude and your own vision of the surrounding world, you’re more than ready to join us on Gauloises Art Competion “Owls are the only birds that can see the color blue”

“Owls are the only birds that can see the color blue” is an art competition for print and video creative works organized by company Imperial Tobacco BH and their brand Gauloises, supported by Brainstorming magazine.
If our theme and owl talk inspired your artistic soul, share with us your vision of FREE SPIRIT by submiting your artworks and win great prizes.

Competition stays open from October 26 until November, 2010. For detailed information about competition, categories and registration you can find on official brand site www.gauloises.ba.If you have question or need more information about competition please mail us at sovavidiplavo@gmail.com

Follow www.brainstorming.ba for latest news and updates. Good luck to you all!

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