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Google Does It Again

Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Tuesday 19, November 2013
Google Does It Again

When the 1947 India-Pakistan partition ripped the two nations apart, Baldev was forced to relocate overnight, leaving behind his best friend Yusuf. Before that, they had been inseparable, flying kites together in the square and stealing Jhajariyas from Yusuf's family shop. Decades later, Baldev's granddaughter uses Google and those few tidbits of information from her grandfather's memories to find Yusuf and arrange a heartwarming reunion for her grandfather's birthday. It's three and half minutes long, and you will want it to be longer. I seriously think Google sent out some advertising memo demanding that all its spots have to be heartwarming, tearjerking or both. Hats off to Google in India. With their recent success covering Saroo Brierley's unbelievable story and now this, it's killing me how hard they're killing it!

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