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IdejaX 2011

Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Friday 13, May 2011
IdejaX 2011

IdejaX, national festival of advertising, that will be held in Zagreb 26-27 May, is organized by Croatian association of advertising agencies (HURA) and Croatian branch of the European association for digital and interactive marketing industry (IAB).

The idea of IdejaX is to present and choose the best creative works in classic and online advertising in Croatia in the past year. Also, the Festival wants to be a platform for the exchange of ideas, experience and marketing trends in Europe and in the region.

HURA and IAB decided to organize the festival together because of the complementarity of the classic and online advertising, which are the creative advertising scene of today.

The national festival of advertising is important for the affirmation and promotion of advertising profession. Organizers have a vision of IdejaX as a place where the best Croatian advertising works compete, on the broad spectrum of the media platforms. IdejaX is to become the key place for the exchange of the best marketing ideas on the national and regional scene.

Link: http://idejax.com/en/home/



HURA is the association of market communication companies and its goal is to promote efficiency in the areas of its activity, to establish ethic standards and principles of the fair market competition, to implement the highest standards in the advertising industry, to educate, organize professional festivals, to promote creative ideas and cooperate with similar organizations in Europe and in the world. More on www.hura.hr

IAB Croatia

IAB Croatia is a non-profit organization for interactive marketing. Its main goal is to help development of interactive marketing communications in Croatia, by stimulating and directing the advertising industry. IAB Croatia is a forum of professionals involved in interactive marketing. Its goal is to support the developement of the interactive advertising market, continuously steadily showing its efficiency, promoting it and protecting it, by integrating the industry, by creating the standards, by providing research, counseling and education to the industry as a whole, and to its members. IAB Croatia is the founder od the European association IAB Europe and is a part of a global network of the IAB associations.
More on www.iab-croatia.com

Organizing committee:

Mr. Slaven Fischer (HURA), Mr. Jan Jilek (IAB), Ms. Andrea Šumanovac (Unex), Mr. Siniša Waldinger (BBDO, president of the jury for the X award), Mr. Saša Škorić (OMG, president of the jury for the Mixx award), Ms. Mia Pećina, direktorica festivala, Mr. Damir Ciglar (Imago), Mr. Ante Đorđević (IAB), Mr. Vedran Gulin (Proximity).


E-mail you suggestions or questions on info@idejax.com or phone the HURA Secretariat (Mateja Čopor) on +385 1 4898 759, Mon-Fri from 9am to 5pm.

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