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Interview | Marina Filipović

Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Monday 13, April 2009
Interview | Marina Filipović

We asked. She answered. Read an interview with Marina Filipović. Photographer from Croatia.

01. First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Where did you go to school?
My name is Marina Filipovic, I'm 23 years old, I live and work both in Osijek and Zagreb. On the web I'm better known as Marinshe, a nickname my grandfather gave me when I was little. I finished high school in Osijek and am at the moment working toward a degree in economics at the University of Osijek. Beside photography, I have been practicing singing for well over 14 years and have worked in my high school and college web teams in web and graphic design. At 16 I even had my own web design company where I gained my first business experiences, as well as an interest in photography.

02. How did you get into photography?
Spontaneously. I always liked photography. Since it wasn't possible to share photos over the web or have them stored online, photos from my «analogue» period are safely kept in the family albums. As a child I took photos of flowers, nature and my friends. In the autumn of 2006. I started working with professional equipment, having bought a Fuji S3 Pro and my first Nikkor 50 mm f/1,4 lens. Then things started to get serious. I take photos every single day and publish them on my sites: the official site http://www.marinshe.com, my Croatian photo blog http://www.marinshe.bloger.hr and my deviantArt profile http://marinshe.deviantart.com.

03. How do you choose locations? Do you happen upon them by chance or do you do any exploring?
Sometimes it happens spontaneously. While walking through the park, in the city, in the countryside, etc... I look at the world around me and find what's interesting. When I work for clients then we try to find an appropriate location together. I prefer nature, open locations with lots of natural light and shadows.


Mirage Of The Woods II
Model: Lea Biljman
Location: Zagreb, Maksimir
Make up by Lea
Styling by Marina Filipović

04. Your selection of models, styling and scenery is impeccable. Are there shots primarily for fashion clients or are they purely artistics?
Thank you. Well, I don't differentiate between commercial and private work. My goal is that all my works have value as artworks and I think I achieve that most of the time. It's hard, but I try as hard as I can. When you do a lot of creative work, there's always the danger of getting into a routine and losing fresh ideas. Because of that I take a few days off to gather energy and new ideas. Every photographer that is any good, can find it's way into the viewer's heart and capture his or her imagination. Photos that I've taken for my own purposes have appeared as cover photos for magazines and books, as well as in exhibitions.

05. Do you shoot primarily with digital or film? What kind of gear do you use? Explain your process.
I only shoot with digital, although I know how to work with film as well. I like taking photos with my lomo camera while travelling. As for my equipment, I have two cameras: a Fuji S3 Pro and Fuji S5 Pro. I use the following lenses: Nikkor 80-200mm f/2,8, Nikkor 50mm f/1,4, Nikkor 60mm f/2,6 Makro, Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6; as well as Nikon SB600 flash. Sometimes I use a Manfrotto stand while taking landscape photographs.

My process starts with an idea or moment of inspiration when the photograph «appears» in my mind. After that I call a model, plan the makeup and styling and choose a location. After shooting I continue with the postproduction, for which I use Adobe Photoshop CS3. In it, I correct the colors and light until the photograph is what I've had in mind.

06. How much of your photography is storytelling? I feel like there's a story begging to be told behind every photo.
Exactly! Each and every photo I create has a message. Sometimes it's the message that starts the creative process and sometimes it reveales itself only after the photograph is finished. I find stories in my own life as well as the life of loved ones, friends and society in general. I like creating positive stories, the ones that will make other people happy and help them feel better. There are too many sad stories in our world so I feel that my own work should be a relsease for both the eyes and the mind.


Make a Wish
Model: Sara Pukanic
Location: Jarun Lake (Zagreb, Croatia)
Stylist: Marina Filipović

07. Where do you see your photography and art going in the next couple of years? What are some of your artistic hopes?
I want to do a lot more in terms of my career in photography and I'm quite ambitious. I see myself at the very beginning of a long journey.

08. Let's talk about color theory. How do you go about choosing the colors you see in your pieces.
I choose colors spontaneously. I perceive them and then match them by feeling. My eye and intuition guide me in my work. It's a creative process that emerges from the chaos of ideas.


The Bright Side of Life

09. Have you ever been printed or published?
My photos have appeared on the covers of the french magazine PHOTO, Livingstone, Modra Lasta as well as several books from Algoritam. A lot of them were published in magazines: Extra, Livingstone, Digital Photo Mag, Bulb Magazin, Grazia, Večernji list, Jutarnji list, Modra Lasta, etc. Some of them have even appeared on Croatian national TV as well as local Slavonian TV stations. Five works have apperaed as examples of various photographic theories in the official Mexican schoolbook for high schools. I've had four solo exhibitions and about ten group exhibitions. You can see my work on the web at http://www.marinshe.com.

Thanks for the interview!

Marina thank you very much for answering our questions

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