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Interview | Tomislav Može

Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Saturday 14, November 2009
Interview | Tomislav Može

We asked. He answered. Read an interview with Tomislav Može. Photographer from Croatia.

1. First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Where did you go to school?
Hi my name is Tomislav Može I'm a 27 year old student from Zagreb, Croatia. After finishing my high school in Zagreb,  I took almost any job I could find (from metalwork to building sound and light stages for concerts). In that period  I also got into mountain biking, I was one of the first mtb trial riders in Croatia, and founder of the first club for extreme bike disciplines. During my biking period I was competing in mtb freestyle and BMX street, got a few medals, at that period I've been one of the best riders here in Croatia. At the end of 2007 I decided to try to get in to the Academy of dramatic arts in Zagreb, cinematography section. I got in from my first attempt. Now, I'm on the third year.
2. How did you get into photography?
My first real contact with photography was through various artists  I watched on deviantArt, I stumbled upon them looking for illustrations and drawings  which where my childhood hobbies. I took my first photo around 2006 for the needs of my biking club, not so long after that I had a knee injury, and I had to stop my bmx riding, this is where it all started. At the end of the 2006 I bought my self dslr canon 350d, it was really boldly of me, cause I didn't even know what slr means :).

3. How do you choose your locations? Do you happen upon them by chance or do you do any exploring?
Well, mostly I explore walking or riding my bike. I try to find as many interesting places, you never know when you're gonna need one :)
4. Your selection of models, styling and scenery is impeccable. Are these shots primarily for weddings clients or are they purely artistic?
Well most of people think I do only weddings but that is maybe 30% of my photography interests and work, I do a lot of magazine interviews, fashion and conceptual stuff for myself and some projects for academy exams.

So the right answer would be, half of my work is purely for my satisfaction, and the other part is for my clients. Although I try to put the same energy in both. Especially into my fashion editorials.
5. Do you shoot with primarily digital or film? What kind of gear do you use? Explain your process.
Well I prefer digital I think it suits me better, I work on film also, but mostly for the need of academy assignments, I don't like the time consuming part of shooting on film:). From equipment I have: canon eos 5d, canon eos 350d, canon eos 1n, lubitel 2, fujica stx1 , canon 430 ex, canon 580 ex ,
ef 50mm 1:1.2 usm L, ef 17-40 1:4.0 usm L, ef 28mm 1:1.8 usm, ef 70-200 4L usm and datacolor spider3 elite to get the colors corectly. My process is based mostly on natural light, if the ambient allows me. I always plan my work if I do editorials, concepts or fashion, writing down and even drawing, if i'm trying to find a better angle, for most of my postprocess I use adobe camera raw + adobe bridge, and cs4 for retouching.

6. How much of your photography is story-telling? I feel like there's a story begging to be told behind every photo.
I always try to tell a story with every photo I take, but I think most of photographers want that. I'm not sure in how many photos I succeed to make the story clear, but I give a lot of effort to find a way to tell it like nobody did before.

7. Where do you see your photography and art going in the next couple of years? What are some of your artistic hopes?
First I'm planing to finish Academy. After that I'll see, I already work a lot, so probably that will have influence on my plans, my plan is to go to London and try to specialize for fashion photography but that is to far away in the future. I just hope to get more into fashion photography, and to work for some fashion magazines like 'Elle', 'Cosmopolitan' or something in that  direction, for fashion is my favorite photography style because it gives me the opportunity to be creative.

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