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Interview with: Emina Huskić

Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Saturday 11, December 2010
Interview with: Emina Huskić

We asked. She answered. Read an interview with Emina Huskić. Graphic designer from Bosnia

Tell us something about yourself?
My name is Emina Huskić and I am attending the final year of Academy of Fine arts in Sarajevo, department of graphic design.

How did you start this job / hobby?
I was always attracted to the job of graphic designer. There was always some small graphic designer “hiding” inside myself. Once I did it for hobby, now I’m doing it as a profession, and I am very happy about it.

Which part of this job do you enjoy the most?

I hold every segment of graphic design dear. Everything, from an idea to realization, and presenting my work to others, as well as their positive and negative comments, which always help. Let’s say that a well-done final product is what makes the graphic designer happiest.

Which part of this job do you enjoy the least?
It’s hard to find something that bothers me in graphic design. It’s more the other stuff which has nothing to do with it, but gets involved from time to time.

Who is the worst enemy of creativity in your case?
The worst enemy of creativity is laziness.

What do you do when you start working on a new project and you have no ideas?
Idea always comes, sooner or later. I always give myself enough time until the idea is born, even if it’s the last moment. Every forced attempt or planned search for ideas results in failure.

What inspires you the most?
You can find inspiration in everything. Constant reading, watching and wish to understand can be very inspiring for a graphic designer.

Which software do you use during your creative process?
I am still that old-fashioned designer, who still has to sketch every of his works, so when choosing software for realization of my ideas, the sketch has a lot of influence. I can’t choose only one specific software, because each one is equally important for a completed graphic designer.

When you sit down and start working on a new project, what does the flow of your thoughts look like?
Getting to know the project and collecting as many informations as possible so I could present my own perspective on the given theme as best as possible.

What sorts of artists are you looking up to when searching for inspiration?
I visit lots of exhibitions and use literature as well as the magazines for graphic artists. When I go abroad to other countries, I can’t wait to visit all the museums and galleries, and in that way I invest in myself and in my occupation.

How did you find the idea and the concept of “Owls are the only birds able to see the blue color” competition?
Slogan was what drew me in. My work is named “After Midnight” and that’s actually my self-portrait. Very often in midnight hours I feel like an owl. I approached this theme with my sincere point of view, which obviously came out as a good result.

What is your representation of slogan “Freedom forever” in creative and artistic context?
Freedom is the most precious gift for every man, and therefore also for every artist. But we should keep in mind that restrictions can sometimes have a very inspiring influence on artists and their works

Blue is the color of the Gauloises brand. What do you associate with the blue color?
Blue color can be associated with many things and it can represent lots of stuff. For example, in those gray days right now, it reminds me of summer, sea and swimming pools.

In the end, in which direction would you like to develop further, in terms of design and arts?
Currently I’m finishing my final thesis which I have devoted a lot of my creative energy to, and I hope I’ll be able to bring the problem I’m dealing with closer to other people and raise their awareness about some important issues, which we always somehow forget to think about.

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