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Interview with: Enisa Bravo

Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Saturday 11, December 2010
Interview with: Enisa Bravo

We asked. She answered. Read an interview with Enisa  Bravo. Graphic designer from Bosnia

Tell us something about yourself?
Enisa Bravo, 27 years old, finished College of applied arts, graphic design graduate. Shortly: creatively promiscuous / passionate about design.

How did you start this job / hobby?
Well... it was a long time ago and I never considered it as a hobby. It has always been serious, even since the primary school, then through the College of applied arts and then also through the Academy of fine arts.

Which part of this job do you enjoy the most?
I can hardly choose any segment of the creative process, since I look at everything through the eyes of a designer, even when I use the public transportation.

Which part of this job do you enjoy the least?
I don't know if I can say this, but... communication with the clients.

Who is the worst enemy of creativity in your case?
Five-to-twelve deadlines.

What do you do when you start working on a new project and you have no ideas?
I dig deeper, there is some gold in every mine.

What inspires you the most?
Cities, people, actually all those experiences which later accumulate somewhere in my head and I use them as a leverage in the creative process.

Which software do you use during your creative process?
I'm in a relationship with Photoshop

When you sit down and start working on a new project, what does the flow of your thoughts look like?
I think about the best way to "pack" the idea and "export" it further.

What sorts of artists are you looking up to when searching for inspiration?
I can't say I'm looking for inspiration in any sort of art, because what inspires me the most is the street culture, individuals, lomography, but I'm fascinated with works of Jan Saudek, Eugenio Recuenco, Neville Brody, David Carson, Damian Stanković and Gorana Lizdeka

How did you find the idea and the concept of “Owls are the only birds able to see the blue color” competition?
Very symbolical, more through the emotions and blue color, state of the spirit and empirical essence... Just the thought that the owls are the only ones able to see the blue color is very inspirational and very grateful to work with, because it opens a large spectrum of possibilities and ideas.

What is your representation of slogan “Freedom forever” in creative and artistic context?
To be a freelancer and not to have to work nine-to-five.

Blue is the color of the Gauloises brand. What do you associate with the blue color?
Photoshop icon.

Tell us more about your work?
This is the part of discussion creative people don’t like much, but if I have to, I’ll say that from a professional point of view I wanted to tie all the graphical elements and photography together. Elements are symbolical and they reflect the idea behind the competition itself. I did my work primarily trying to bring together the ideas of endless landscape without borders, wide perception of the world and freedom.

In the end, in which direction would you like to develop further, in terms of design and arts?
Visual communications and photography.

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