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Introducing the artist Nilanja

Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Monday 08, October 2012
Introducing the artist Nilanja

My name is Pezi, I am 19 years old and live in Vienna.
I enjoy drawing since I am little but by the time I found out that I like photography too^^ And now I can not decide which I like more and try to improve in both...

Every comment, fave, watch and - most of all- critique is very welcome!

my drawings on Facebook
my photos on Facebook

Open for commissions

How it works:

- tell me what you want by sending me a note, leaving a comment or writing me a mail to nokks@gmx.at
- then I will see what i can do for you that means we will talk about what you want, how it should look like and if I am able to do it
- I only accept payment per paypal! After I received the money I will begin to work
- also I don't have fix prices...it depends on what you want
- I can never say how long it will take me but I will work as fast as I can

some things you should know too:
- I normally work with ink and colour the picture afterwards with Photoshop, that means your commission will be digital and I will send it you as an e-mail
- of course I can to other things than drawings too! flyers, cards, t-shirt designs, photos...
- but I can't do vectors nor have a drawing tablet, so I can not do everything^.^

I hope I haven't forgotten anything...if you still have any questions feel free to ask!

So I am really looking forward to your orders 

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