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Jung von Matt: Trojan Art Director Recruiting

Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Friday 18, February 2011
Jung von Matt: Trojan Art Director Recruiting

Jung von Matt is looking for Art Directors. To find them we used Trojan horses: 15 well-known photographers. They show their work regularly to the best creative agencies. So we integrated small job ads in their portfolios. For example as an inscription on a bus, a graffiti on a wall or a stitchery on a pullover. In this way the photographers carried our massage precisely to our target group.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany
Creative Directors: Holger Oehrlich, Philipp Barth
Art Director: Matthias Grotter
Copywriter: Gert Schilling, Holger Diesinger
Photographers: Uwe Düttmann, Emir Haveric, Achim Lippoth, Igor Panitz, Ralph Baiker, Staudinger&Franke, Anke Luckmann, Alexandra Klever, Joe Hoelzl, Jan van Endert, Alex Rank, Martijn Oort, Jörg Rothhaar, Gregor Collienne, Camilla Armbrust, Revo
Published: November 2010

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