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Nestlé Waters, Contrex: Contrexperience

Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Monday 14, November 2011
Nestlé Waters, Contrex: Contrexperience

Contrex, the French mineral water brand owned by Nestle, is running “Contrex Ma Contrexpérience”, a television commercial centred on an outdoor experience. Nine women and one man work on ten exer-cycles to power up a spectacular building-size striptease show. At the crucial moment the crowd is congratulated: “Bravo! Vous avez dépensé 2000 calories” (You have burned up 2000 calories). The message is backed up on the Contrex Youtube channel and Facebook page: “Every year, magazines are announcing a new fad diet. And each time, the same conclusion: it does not work. To lose weight effectively and permanently, there is no miracle. You must adopt a balanced diet, drink water and exercise regularly”.

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France
Creative Director: Anne De Maupeou
Art Director: Souen Le Van
Copywriter: Martin Rocaboy
Account Director: Michel Kowalski
Account Manager: Audrey Tato
TV Producers: Timothé Rosenberg, Cleo Ferenczi
Planners: Anne Dimier-Vallet, Guillaume Le Gorrec
Advertiser's Supervisor: Emmanuel Manichon, Marie-Cécile Pellé Lancien, Stéphanie Perrin
Director: Xavier Mairesse
Producer: Claude Fayolle
Production: Wanda
Post production : Mikros
Additional credits: Nicolas Karakatsanis, Sam Danesi, Clemens Hourriere, Boris Nicou, Mathieu Sibony, Sandra Haize, Olivier Glandais
Published: September 2011

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