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Only for children

Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Saturday 11, May 2013
Only for children

ANAR Foundation in Spain is running “Sólo para niños” (Only for children), an outdoor campaign aimed at children experiencing violence at the hands of adults. A lenticular advertisement with a photograph of a young boy presents two messages to passers by. Adults are presented with an awareness raising message. Children under 10, because of their height, see bruises on the child’s face and information on the help line, 116 111. The campaign was launched in association with International Day Against Child Abuse on April 25.


The Only For Children campaign was developed at Grey Spain by chief creative officer Antonio Montero, digital chief creative director Enric Nel.lo, executive creative director Javier Monserrat García, creative directors Fernando Riveros and Matias Lopez and María Salomón Talavera, copywriters Nuño Martín and Álvaro Montes, art directors Jesus Martinez and Nacho Capelo, account team Lucía Gómez-Hortigüela and Mar Portela, producers Mayte Carabias and Joaquin Garcia Morato, working with external consultant Rebeca Recio, Créame (Production of Lenticular OPI), and ANAR staff Tomás Lagunas, Marisa Sarralde, Benjamín Ballesteros, Marta Ruiz-Castillo.

Photography was from Getty Images.

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