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Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Friday 20, March 2009

What is Phirebrush (pronounced: fire-brush)? Well, we in short, we are an online magazine (art group if you want) that displays user submissions in monthly issues. These submissions showcase visitor submitted artwork, photography, music, desktop wallpapers and writings of various styles. Unlike most art groups and e-zines, we let ANYONE submit, trying to showcase both the famous and beginners, giving everyone a voice and a chance in the spotlight. Along with each issue we release an interview as well. We try to spread the variety around, one month talking to an artist, another month with a photographer or maybe a band, spreading insight into their minds and styles. So, what is Phirebrush? Phirebrush is whatever you make it to be.

Phirebrush IS an online art magazine. Phirebrush IS NOT a resource for images nor is it a stock photography site. Images displayed in our monthly releases are by artists trying to showcase their works. Tying to show their works to people whom may have not seen them before.

LATEST ISSUE - Download it!
Final Issue | 2012
Here is the Final Issue of Brainstorming magazine in 2012 and it is now available for download. Please leave us a comment what you think about our Final Issue.
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