Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Monday 08, August 2011

In collaboration with the portal Designed.rs and the support of ERSTE Foundation, in mid-July we announced the regional competition for character design. Authors from all of the region were invited to submit their vision of a contemporary “oridjinal”. The prize for the competition winner is participation in the main festival program (all expenses covered), where he or she will join the crew of artists which includes Tifani Rubi, PekmezMed and NinjatIger form Croatia, Esh and Peđa Milanković from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Fat Kid Beny, Fuck New Rave and Weedzor from Serbiae, Mrge form Macedonia, Mina Fina from Slovenia, as well as D-Bend, Filip Roca and Nikola Ćurčin from Montenegro.

The first edition of Sinestezije will be thematically dedicated to the local notion of “riđinal”, who have been a constant in the rich history of Herceg Novi – characters who have entered the collective memory of the town. This notion led us to dedicate this edition to the topic of the originality of a character, so it is also no wonder why Pictoplasma, the global platform for character design, is also on board.

We have received an impressive number of 50 submissions, while the quality of the work has made the task to choose even harder. The jury made out of 6 representatives of the festival and Designed.rs had a tough task to choose only one winner. Each of the jury members selected three pieces. The votes were collected, and the biggest score was reached by Nenad Dodić!

Due to a tight score, we would also like to mention that the 2nd most votes went to both the works of Miloš Ćosić and Marko Purać.

The third place goes to Ljuba Mihajlov whose character, as well as some more of the finalists’, you can see on the page dedicated to the competition.

The finalists were also Aleksandar Živanić, Auks-Jedan, Borko Nerić, Manja Radić, Nikola Prijić, Ognjen Krivokapić, Sanja Drakulić, Tena Letica, Vuk Palibrk and the team of Živa Moskrić & Saša Kerkos. Their oriđinals, as well as chosen works which have not made it to the finals, will be exhibited as part of the central group exhibition, which will open on August 6th on the central square in the Old town of Herceg Novi. All of the invited artists, including Nenad Dodić, will be taking part.

Festival Sinestezija & Designed.rs would like to congratulate the winner and thank all of the contenders for their great submissions! Due to an amazing feedback, you can expect the another competition next year, and a chance to become a participant of the festival.

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