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Contributed by: Rusmir Arnautovic
Date: Thursday 22, August 2013

Artist Name: TVKillz
Website: www.tvkillz.com
Location: Amsterdam / NL

TVkillz is an Berlin based artist. He started painting in 1984 , he is truly one of the pioneers of Dutch Graffiti. in 1994 he stopped due to certain problem with the police and made his move into the music industry.

After being ill for a couple of years he started to make a comeback in the graffiti scene in 2008, which resulted in publications in almost all the graffiti/street art magazines in the world.

Since 2011 he made his way into the art scene with appearances on stroke, bloom and other big art expo/s. TVkillz is best know for his unique ideas and his efforts to combine the art scene with the music scene.

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